Currently excepting students for the Summer.

Private Art drawing watercolor lessons 19810

“The greatest power we have is to create.”

still life drawing by private art student tea pot and cup

Drawn by Private Student, Addy, 2016

profile picture of Kurt Brugel Artist drawing private art lessonsWhat if you could have a drawing and painting class in your home? Kurt Brugel is currently offering Private Art Lessons for anyone 13 years and older.

Kurt Brugel is an experienced Art instructor in drawing, painting and other visual arts.  You don’t need any prior Art education.  Since 1992, Kurt has taught students in the fields of Landscape Painting, Figure Drawing, Comic Books and Fantasy Illustration.

Landscape drawing by private student at state park

Drawn by Private Student, Randy, 2016

Private Art Lessons will start with one FREE consultation. In this 1-hour meeting, you and Kurt will discuss what you want to accomplish and how the lessons will proceed. Once established, lessons will be scheduled, and the creativity will begin.

“Drawing is an essential skill needed to be a successful Artist. Drawing is a physical action, and like any physical activity, it’s learned through discipline. With private lessons, you will have individualized instruction that suits your needs and schedule.”

colored pencils pastel drawing fairy faerie brandywine state creek park colorful bright impressionistic

Works were drawn by Kurt Brugel in colored pencils and pastels of a Fairy (L) and the Brandywine State Creek Park (R)

Are you in need of an Art Tutor to help you prepare for an Art school portfolio submission? Kurt has years of experience in getting students ready for Art school. He also teaches at the Delaware College of Art & Design in their continuing education department.

Kurt Brugel at illuxcon 2016 with women of the woods colored pencil drawings

Kurt Brugel with his 2016 series of Fantasy Art Drawings at the Illuxcon Art exhibit.

If you are interested in a FREE consultation, please fill out the form below.  Kurt will respond with a few more questions and schedule the first meeting. Contact him and get your Private Art Lessons started.

Lessons are $30 per hour / $50 for 2 hours / $20 for each additional hour.

I have only three spots left for individual students to fill. Fill out the contact form below to get started.

I will travel within a 45-mile radius of my current location of North Wilmington, DE 19810. 

Have you had Art lessons before?

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Talent is 10% desire and 90% discipline.