Currently accepting students for Winter 2018

There are only 4 of the 7 spots available.

Hazel Wilkinson art painting kurt brugel student

Painting by Hazel Wilkinson 2017

“Being disciplined is the only thing keeping you from creating Art.”

2018 Fall kurt brugel private art lessons

As an artist, I often hear ‘I wish I knew how to draw.’ I always respond with, ‘When was the last time you drew something?’

I’m offering private art lessons to give people the chance to draw at least 1-2 hours a week. If you drew something for 1 hour a week for one year, that’ll be 52 hours of drawing. I’ll guarantee you that you’ll know how to draw at the end of the year.

I also hear a lot of people saying, ‘I’m time poor.’ I always ask how many hours a day do you spend entertaining yourself (playing video games, watching TV or movies, etc.)? Most will say 2 hours a day. That’s 14 hours a week of entertainment. As much as it’s relaxing and necessary, what if you spent 2 hours of that 14 hours per week drawing?

Yes, it’s a lot of work, and there is a great reward at the end. A magical feeling that comes with accomplishing something like learning how to draw.

Imagine how good you would be at drawing if you drew for 2 hours a week?

– – –

Kurt Brugel is currently offering Private Art Lessons for anyone 13 years and older. He only has seven spots to fill for Winter 2018.

Kurt Brugel is an experienced Art instructor in drawing, painting and other visual arts media.  You don’t need any prior Art education.  Since 1992, Kurt has taught students in the fields of Landscape Drawing & Painting, Figure Drawing, Comic Books, Story Illustration and Fantasy Art.

Visit his website to see what he’s personally working on.

Rambly Landscape Randy Murphy kurt brugel student private art drawing painting lessons

Rumbley Landing charcoal drawing by Randy Murphy 2017

Private Art Lessons will start with one FREE hour consultation. In this hour meeting, you and Kurt will discuss what you want to accomplish and how the lessons will proceed. Once established, lessons will be scheduled, and the creativity will begin.

scratchboard ink drawing kurt brugel private art drawing lessons

6″x6″ scratchboard ink drawing by Kurt Brugel 2017


Thanks so much for breathing some serious life into Lauren’s artistic, intellectual and academic career!

She feels so much more confident walking into 9th grade for having studied with you this summer and that is a real luxury for her.

But I suspect that even more than the subject-related comfort level she has achieved in studying with you, the long-term benefits of the personal growth she experienced under your tutorship will be the thing she values most in retrospect a few years hence.

  • Kevin & Lauren

Are you in need of an Art Tutor to help you prepare for an Art school portfolio submission? Kurt has years of experience in getting students ready for Art school. He also teaches at the Delaware College of Art & Design in their continuing education department.

kurt brugel at ix 2017 fantasy art show

Every year, Kurt Brugel attends the largest gathering of Fantasy Artists in the world; IX10 2017

If you are interested in a FREE hour consultation, please fill out the form below.  Kurt will respond with a few more questions and schedule the first meeting. Contact him and get your Private Art Lessons started.

Lessons are set up around a project the student wants to accomplish. Students usually set up once a week meetings or twice a month.

Lessons are $35 per hour / $55 for 2 hours / $25 for each additional hour.

I have only seven spots for individual students. Fill out the contact form below to get started.

I will travel within a 45-mile radius of my current location of North Wilmington, DE 19810. 

Have you had Art lessons before?

Talent is 1% desire and 99% discipline.

ad merrall floral drawing color pencils 2017 kurt brugel private art lesson student

Ad Merrall colored pencil floral drawing 2017